Halal Meat

Berry and Son’s Halal Meat is Special

Welcome to Berry and Sons Halal Meat Farm and Slaughterhouse! We’re proud to provide you with the freshest beef and lamb available, directly from our farm to our slaughterhouse, and finally to your kitchen. As a trusted name in the industry since 1979, we adhere to Islamic slaughter standards and maintain our butchery license with pride. Our range includes a variety of high-quality beef and lamb options, ensuring you have plenty of choices for your meals.


Why is fresh Halal meat unique and not always easy to find?

And how do we address the limitations in the market? Lets find out…

What Makes Meat Halal?

Did you know that there are certain conditions that must be met before specific meats like beef and lamb are considered halal? Here’s a clear explanation:

For Muslims, not all meats are lawful, and these conditions are important and should not be overlooked. There are specific methods that a butcher must follow to ensure that certain meat meets the Halal standard.

Every Halal slaughterhouse, like ours, has licensed butchers with extensive knowledge of proper butchering procedures. The first step a licensed butcher takes is to bless the food and position the animal facing towards the Qibla, the direction of prayers for Muslims.

The Process Of Butchering For Halal

Muslims adhere strictly to halal standards, and the number one rule is that dead animals cannot be slaughtered and cannot be considered as Halal. These laws dictate specific guidelines for how animals should be raised, slaughtered, and processed. This involves not only the method of slaughter but also factors such as the animal’s diet, treatment, and the absence of certain forbidden substances like other animal’s meat and alcohol.

Strictly No Pain and In a Respectful Manner

Halal butchering at Berry and Sons is a gentle and respectful process. Our butchers ensure that every animal is slaughtered by hand, using a sharp knife to minimize pain. With the use of sharp knives, our skilled butchers swiftly and humanely process the meat, ensuring animals feel no discomfort. There are no matches or fights between our butchers and the animals here; it’s strictly prohibited.

The animals feel less pain, and no suffering occurs during the butchering process. The animal’s body is then carefully drained of blood. We only use healthy and alive livestock for this process, which is essential for maintaining halal standards.

Our Ethical Farming

How We Raise Our Cows and Lambs?

At Berry and Sons, we prioritize the well-being of our cows and lambs by ensuring they are raised in a clean and healthy environment. Our animals are grass-fed, meaning they graze on natural pasture, and we strictly prohibit the use of chemicals in their feed. Our farm is meticulously maintained to provide ample space for grazing and exercise, adhering to Halal standards to ensure their welfare. From feeding to veterinary care, every aspect of their upbringing is carefully monitored. By choosing Berry and Sons, you can trust that the meat you enjoy comes from animals raised ethically, sustainably, and free from harmful chemicals.

Our Halal Meat Is For Everyone

At Berry and Sons, our Halal meat is accessible to everyone, even if you’re not Muslim. Whether you’re a busy professional, a family cook, or simply someone looking for quality meat, our fresh beef and lamb are for you. We cater to diverse tastes and dietary preferences, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the delicious and nutritious options we offer. With our commitment to quality and Halal standards, you can trust Berry and Sons to provide meat that’s not only flavorful but also ethically sourced.