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Berry & Sons Islamic Slaughter House: Where High Standards Protect You from Low Quality Experiences

Where Halal Meat Finds Its Home!

Welcome to Berry and Sons Islamic Slaughterhouse – Your Halal Meat Source for fresh farm beef and lamb! We’re a family-run Halal Meat business dedicated to providing quality beef and lamb for your meals, conveniently available whenever you need it. Our farm specializes in fresh Halal meat, working directly with farmers who prioritize animal care in modern facilities. All our meat products and farm-fresh produce are 100% Halal certified. Here’s what you need to know from us.

We Sell Fresh Beef and Lamb

Finding it hard to get your hands on quality beef and lamb? Well, your search ends here! We understand that you can’t be healthy by taking frozen and processed meats. That’s why we’ve got fresh beef butchered straight from our farm. Berry and Sons guarantee that all the beef and lamb you buy from us is pure, freshly butchered on the same day and even at the same hour. So, you can enjoy the Halal meat you’ve been searching for.

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Healthy Cows, Halal Clean Farm

We look after our cows really well, making sure they stay healthy and are raised with care. They eat grass as their main food, which keeps them healthy. Our farm and slaughterhouse are Halal certified, and we keep them clean and tidy all the time.

100% Halal Meat Direct from the Farm. Always Fresh!

Don’t risk your health with chilled or not fresh beef and lamb; limited halal meat options! Let us save the day with our delicious and healthy whole lamb meats and red meat beef for sale. Our mission? To provide you with the absolute best, top-quality Halal lamb and beef meat you deserve. It’s been too long since you treated yourself. Let us satisfy your cravings with our fresh and mouth-watering meats!

Certified USDA Slaughterhouse

Explore our range of USDA-certified meats for guaranteed quality and safety – a promise of top-notch freshness and in-house hand butchered. From premium beef cuts to pure lamb, we provide a diverse selection to meet your culinary needs. Rest easy knowing our certification ensures you’re getting exceptional meat every time.


Let’s stick to clean eating with fresh beef and pure lamb from Berry and Sons to maintain our winning edge in health!

Services For You

Halal Meat Products

Halal meat products are food items that are prepared and processed according to Islamic dietary laws. The term “halal” itself means permissible or lawful in Arabic.

Wholesale Halal Meat

Wholesale halal meat ensures that these businesses can provide high-quality and permissible meat products to their Muslim customers while meeting their diverse culinary needs.

Retail Halal Meat

Retail halal meat refers to the sale of halal-certified meat products to individual consumers through retail outlets such as grocery stores, butcher shops, and specialized halal meat markets.

Halal Butcher Services

Halal butcher services refer to specialized establishments that provide halal-certified meat products to customers.

Halal Practices

Halal practices encompass a set of guidelines and principles that govern permissible actions and behaviors for Muslims in various aspects of life, including dietary practices.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is essential for building stronger, more inclusive communities.


Fresh Beef and Lamb –
Why Does It Matters?

At our farm, freshness matters. Our commitment to providing you with the freshest beef and lamb ensures you get the best dining experience possible. Unlike frozen or processed meats, our fresh cuts are bursting with flavor and juiciness that you can’t find elsewhere. From the first bite, you’ll taste the difference that comes from our dedication to quality.

But it’s not just about taste – it’s about your health too.

Taking fresh meat as your daily diet can give you body boosting health factors. Fresh meats are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that your body craves. From iron to zinc, our beef and lamb provide a nutritious boost to your diet, helping you stay energized and satisfied throughout the day.

So why settle for anything less? Treat yourself to the delicious, juicy, and tender goodness that only freshness can deliver. Visit us today and experience the difference firsthand!


Get ready to feast your eyes on our farm
fresh meat options!

At our farm, you’ll see that our cows and lambs are healthy and always clean. You can handpick a whole animal you prefer, whether it’s for beef or lamb options. We offer fresh Halal whole meats, including lamb and beef. First, choose your preferred animal, which you’ll handpick yourself. Then, our experienced Halal butcher will handle the butchering process at our facility. Rest assured, our butcher specializes in Halal preparation, ensuring proper and quality cuts. Discover the freshness straight from our farm!


Beef is what we call the special red meat. It’s not only tender but also delicious that’s packed with a lot of health benefits. You can taste the difference of fresh beef compared to frozen or processed alternatives. Our beef is extraordinary and packed with nutrition. We offer fresh, cut-to-order whole beef just for you. Treat yourself to freshness every day. Order now and satisfy your cravings!


Every part of the lamb is delicious, juicy, and tasty. Roast leg of lamb has been the most popular recipe for feast days and many celebrations like Ramadan, aside from lamb chops. You can marinate a leg of lamb with herbs and spices, then roast it until tender and juicy. It’s often served with roasted vegetables, gravy, and perhaps some mint sauce on the side. Not only is lamb delicious, but it also provides essential benefits. It’s rich in protein and can boost your immune system.

What Delicious Treats Do Berry and Sons Have Ready For You?

At Berry and Sons, we provide fresh farm Halal meat, cut to order once you place an order with us. You’re in control here. What does that mean? It means you have the freedom to visit our Halal meat farm and choose your own animal anytime and any day. Don’t have the time? No worries. We can have many options so you can see that the whole meat you order is fresh and cut on the same day.


Our Dedicated Team

At Berry and Sons, our dedicated team is here to ensure top-quality service and products. Our butchers are licensed with Halal certification, guaranteeing that every step of the process is in accordance with Halal standards. From the selection of livestock to the preparation of meat, you can trust our team to provide you with the finest Halal meat options available.


Halal Butchering

At Berry and Sons, we ensure a simple and efficient butchering process for Halal meat. First, our skilled butchers carefully select the livestock, adhering to Halal standards. Then, the animals are slaughtered, following Halal guidelines. Next, the meat is carefully cleaned and prepared for cutting. Finally, our licensed Halal butchers expertly cut the meat according to your preferences, ensuring each piece meets our high standards of quality and Halal compliance.

100% Certified Halal Meat

At Berry and Sons, we guarantee 100% Certified Halal Meat. Our commitment to Halal standards ensures that every product we offer is prepared according to Islamic dietary laws. From our selection of livestock to the butchering process, we prioritize Halal certification at every step. You can trust us to provide you with the highest quality, Halal-certified meat for your food cravings and nutritional needs.


Give Berry and Sons a try today and taste the difference in our Halal meat!

You surely don’t want to miss out on any of the red meat dishes that Berry and Sons has to offer.

Try our fresh, high-quality Halal meat today!

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