The Story Behind Your Meat Selections at Berry and Sons!

At Berry and Sons Islamic Slaughterhouse, we’re all about quality meat that’s Halal certified. We follow strict Islamic rules from start to finish, so you know our products meet religious standards. We’re transparent about where our meat comes from and how it’s prepared, giving you confidence in your choices. When you choose Berry and Sons, you’re choosing meat you can trust for your meals.

Quality Halal Meats – Our Story

How We Build Our Halal Slaughter House?

Our journey began in 1979 as the nation’s first USDA-registered Halal Slaughter House, and since then, we’ve been dedicated to supplying Southeast Michigan and the entire U.S. residents with top-quality fresh meats. Our focus is on providing hormone-free, grass-fed, and all-natural meats, including fresh Lamb and Beef. With our team of skilled Muslim butchers, boasting decades of experience, we bring you the finest selections, renowned for our top premium lamb and beef.

Quality Halal Meats – Our Story

We’re Officially Halal Certified

Certified by reputable organizations like IFANCA and HFSAA, we ensure that our meat follows strict Islamic guidelines from sourcing to slaughter. This means you can trust the integrity of our products and enjoy them with confidence.

Our Meat Products

Berry & Sons islamic slaughterhouse

A Legacy of Quality Halal Meat

In the heart of every family, there will always be pure-hearted love for fresh Halal meat, and Salah R. ignited the flame of our business.

With roots from Lebanon and Syria, his passion for quality meats inspired us all. Today, his legacy lives on through his sons, Yasseen and Abdul, who continue to fuel the fire of the fourth-generation butchery at Berry and Sons.

This Islamic slaughterhouse is not just a business; it’s a tight-knit family committed to bringing you the very best. Join us at Berry & Sons Islamic Slaughter House for a culinary journey like no other.

Let’s taste the true flavors of real red meat and lamb together and enjoy the benefits of the nutrients it has to offer for healthier living!

Our Meat Is Prepared For You Right After It’s Slaughtered

At Berry and Sons, we ensure that our meat is ready for you as soon as it’s slaughtered. From the moment the animals are processed, our team works swiftly to prepare the meat for delivery to our customers. This ensures that you receive the freshest and highest quality meat, as only a pioneer in the Halal meat industry like us can provide. Our efficient process allows us to maintain the integrity and freshness of our products, providing you with delicious meat for your meals.