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Do you have a hard time finding top-quality beef that’s freshly prepared from farm to your plate? At Berry and Sons Islamic Slaughter House, you’re buying from a direct source of real red meat! Our skilled butchers meticulously follow Halal-certified standards to ensure you enjoy the tastiest and freshest beef every time. Treat yourself to the best – try Berry and Sons today!

You Can Take Part In Preparing Your High-Quality Halal Meat

At Berry and Sons, we believe in involving you in the preparation of your top-quality Halal meat. You can select your preferred cuts and be part of the process, ensuring that you purchase meat that’s fresh from the farm to the slaughterhouse and delivered right to your doorstep. From beginning to end, we’re committed to providing you with the finest premium beef – fresh, tender, and guaranteed Halal. Our beef farm ensures you get everything you’re looking for and more!

Bounty of Beef at Berry and Sons!

At Berry and Sons, we take pride in offering a full supply of high-quality beef meat. Our farm boasts healthy cows raised with care, ensuring the finest cuts for your table. Our slaughterhouse is meticulously cleaned and maintained, meeting strict hygiene standards to guarantee freshness and safety. Plus, our skilled butchers are trained in Halal standards, so you can trust us to handle the preparation and cutting of your meat with precision. Leave the butchering to us and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best at Berry and Sons.

Enjoy Premium Cow Beef

The Healthy Choice!

Discover why choosing top-quality cow beef is beneficial for you. From its rich flavor to its tender texture, premium beef elevates your meals to new heights. Packed with essential nutrients like protein and iron, it’s a nutritious choice for your diet. Plus, knowing that it comes from healthy, well-raised cows ensures a healthy diet. Experience the difference with premium cow beef today!

Here Are 10 Reasons to Love Quality Cow Beef

Rich in Essential Nutrients

Boosts Vitamin B12

Supports Digestive Health

Strengthens Immune System

Protective Antioxidants

Protein Powerhouse

Fights Anemia

Immune Booster

Muscle Building

Delicious and Abundant

Beef Cuts

Your Guide to Delicious Preparation of Meals

You may choose from the various beef cuts below. Here are the beef cuts specifically created for your choice of meals:


This cut comes from the shoulder area and is typically used for roasts, stews, and ground beef.


Known for its marbling and rich flavor, ribeye steaks are cut from the rib section of the cow.


This cut comes from the rear back portion of the cow and is known for its tenderness. Sirloin steaks are popular for grilling.


Also known as filet mignon, tenderloin is one of the most tender cuts of beef. It’s often used for steaks and roasts.


This cut includes both the strip loin and the tenderloin, separated by a T-shaped bone. T-bone steaks are popular for grilling.


This cut comes from the breast or lower chest area of the cow. It’s often used for slow cooking, smoking, or braising.


Flank steak is a lean cut of beef that comes from the abdominal muscles of the cow. It’s commonly used in stir-fries and fajitas.


This cut comes from the rear leg of the cow and is typically less tender. It’s often used for roasts, steaks, and ground beef.

Ground beef

It is also known as minced meat or hamburger meat, is a type of meat that has been finely chopped or ground into small pieces.

Choose Fresh Halal Meat for a Healthy Diet

Stop buying chilled or processed beef. Choose freshness with our farm-to-table beef! With a simple call, you can have quality Halal meat delivered straight from Berry and Sons Islamic Slaughter House to your doorstep. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to satisfaction with our healthy cow beef meats for sale. Experience the difference when you choose our beef for your Halal meat needs!

Steps in Ordering Fresh Beef Meat From Our Farm:

Choose whether you’d like beef or lamb.

Select your desired cuts from our menu.

Call us to place your order.

Provide your delivery details.

Enjoy your fresh Halal meat delivered straight to your door!