Halal Certifications

We collaborate closely with certifying bodies to ensure our practices meet rigorous Halal standards, offering assurance to both our Muslim customers and non-Muslim consumers that they can trust the integrity of our red meat and lamb.

Certified by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America) and HFSAA (Halal Food Standards Alliance of America), we have successfully undergone the Halal certification process, including inspection, monitoring, and certificate issuance.

Affirming Halal Integrity

Your Trusted Choice for Muslim-Friendly Meat

At Berry and Sons, we pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards for producing Halal meat. Our commitment to Halal integrity means that every step of the process, from sourcing to slaughter, follows strict Islamic guidelines. You can trust us to provide you with meat that meets your religious and dietary requirements, giving you peace of mind all throughout your meal.

Why Is Halal Certification Important for Meat Purchases?

Halal certification matters when you buy meat, especially for Muslims and those who want to eat pure and fresh meat for their special diet. It means the meat follows Islamic rules for how it’s prepared, making it acceptable to eat. This certification ensures the animals are treated ethically and slaughtered humanely, following strict guidelines. Choosing Halal-certified meat means you can trust its high quality and that it meets religious standards. At Berry and Sons, we focus on Halal certification to provide you with the best meat options.

Know Your Meat

Transparency at Berry and Sons

At Berry and Sons, we believe in transparency when it comes to your beef and lamb choices. We want you to know exactly where your meat comes from, how it’s raised, and how it’s prepared. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing you with clear information about our farming practices, the health of our livestock, and our commitment to Halal standards. With us, you can trust that you’re making informed and ethical choices for your meals. Experience the difference of transparency in your meat selection with Berry and Sons today!

Halal Meat Is For Clean Eating

Halal meat is your go-to for clean, wholesome eating. It’s all about following ethical standards and maintaining hygiene while preparing meat. So, when you buy for Halal-certified meat, you’re choosing quality and nutritious meals. With Halal meat, you’re guaranteed quality, as it strictly prohibits slaughtering dead animals. This ensures that every cut you enjoy is of the highest standard, delivering not just delicious flavors but also packed with nutrition for your well-being.

The New Favorite

Halal Meat Is In Trend

At Berry and Sons, we’ve noticed a rising demand for halal meat. It’s not just about following religious guidelines anymore; it’s become a trend embraced by many. People are increasingly interested in ethically sourced and clean foods, making halal meat a top choice. With our commitment to quality and halal standards, we’re proud to offer premium halal meat options to meet this growing demand.

Halal Meat – A Growing Choice

Halal meat has become increasingly popular in the US lately. More Muslims and people interested in ethical food are driving this trend. It’s not just about religious rules; it’s also about caring for animals and eating clean. Halal meat appeals to a wider audience looking for quality and honesty in their food.