Berry and Sons Halal meat market is a family business that specializes in producing fresh Halal-Kosher meat. We practice halal slaughter techniques making sure the animal is slaughtered with a sharp knife, causing the animals death instantly, and making sure the blood is drained as quickly as possible. We operate all year, six days a week (Monday-Saturday 6am-3pm). Berry and Sons is equipped to handle big and small slaughtering processes of animals such as cattle, sheep and goats. Our plant can slaughter the animals and has the coolers and freezers to store them.

We have been in business since 1977 and are a USDA federal facility. Our Slaughterhouse is conveniently located in the historical eastern market in downtown Detroit.

Berry and Sons expertise has been passed down three generations. Founder and owner Salah Rababeh has been in the business all his life, learning the craft from his father and grandfather before him and passing it down to his own children. Our customers can feel in confident in knowing they are purchasing a product that is Halal and endorsed by Islamic religious leaders around the world.

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